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Bookings open for breast screening in Leeton

Leeton district women aged 50-74 are encouraged to make an appointment with the BreastScreen NSW mobile van which will be in town for one week from Monday 10 July to Friday 4 August.

Director of BreastScreen NSW Debbie Lattimore said the van’s digital technology provides doctors with clearer images faster and improves early detection.

“BreastScreen is a free breast screening service for women aged 50-74 years,” Ms Lattimore said.

“Breast screening, also known as mammographic screening, is the process of looking for breast cancer in a population of women who have no symptoms. If you have a lump or nipple discharge please see your GP.

“With a 97 per cent survival rate when breast cancer is detected early, having a breast screen is vital.”

NSW women have a one in nine chance of developing breast cancer in their lifetime making time for a breast screen every two years one of the most important healthy actions a woman over 50 can do.

“Regular breast screening with digital mammography equipment significantly increases the likelihood that breast cancers are found as early as possible and treated most effectively,” Ms Lattimore said.

“If you are a woman aged between 50-74 years old, I strongly encourage you to book your mammogram now.”

“Online bookings are open for routine rescreen clients with a code and web address appearing on your reminder letter so you can book easily via the web,” Ms Lattimore added.

The mobile BreastScreen van will be located at the carpark opposite Leeton Library in Sycamore Street.

Don’t delay: phone now for appointments on 13 20 50.



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