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Accessing Our Information

There are four ways in which information held by Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD) is available under these new reforms: mandatory release, informal release, proactive release and release through a formal access application.

Mandatory Release

Much of the information held by MLHD is already publicly available. This website is regularly updated and here you will find information about MLHD including our goals, purpose, values, Hospitals and Health Service information, employment opportunities, consumer participation, capital projects, a list of publications and reports, media releases, budget and expenditure information as well as our contact details.

MLHD Agency Information Guide (reviewed September 2022)

MLHD's Agency Information Guide can be accessed on this link. If you are seeking information not available please contact us on 02 5943 2004 or by email at

Policy documents

A list of MLHD Policies can be viewed on NSW Health Policy site

Government Contracts

MLHD's register of government contracts is available on the Government Tenders website

Disclosure Log

The disclosure log publishes details of information released in response to access applications that the MLHD considers may be of interest to other members of the public.

MLHD's disclosure log can be accessed here.

Open Access Information not released

Under the GIPA Act, when deciding whether or not to release information, government agencies must consider whether there is an overriding public interest against releasing the information. This record indicates the general nature of the information concerned.

Information tabled in Parliament

Information about MLHD contained in any document tabled in Parliament by or on behalf of MLHD (other than any document tabled by order of either House of Parliament).

Informal Release

Information will be released without the need for a formal application, unless there are good reasons to require one. Your first point of contact should be the Right to Information Officer, on 02 5943 2004.

Proactive Release

You can ask MLHD what information it will make available to the public, in addition to the information available on the website. MLHD is encouraged to take the initiative to release as much Government information as possible, in an appropriate manner and free of charge (or at lowest reasonable cost).

Formal Access

In limited circumstances, access to information will require formal access applications. You can formally request specific information from the MLHD.  See the Making a formal GIPA application guide

The GIPA Act stresses the need to proactively and informally release information, without red tape. Formal applications under the GIPA Act should be the exception rather than the rule.

Key Contacts

The Privacy Contact Officer

  • 02 5943 3701

Manager Executive Services

For right to information (Government Information Public Access (GIPA), information please contact:

Last updated: 06 September 2022