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Murrumbidgee Health and Knowledge Precinct


The Murrumbidgee Health and Knowledge Precinct brings together health partners, industry and our local communities to design innovative and practical ways to provide rural people with exceptional healthcare.

The purpose of the Precinct is to:

  • stimulate innovation and a thriving research community,
  • build a resilient workforce and create employment opportunities 
  • Unify services that are accessible and designed for rural people.

By combining the power of education, research, and integrated healthcare models, we are growing sustainable solutions for a lasting impact.


Imagine hospitals and primary care working as one. The Precinct is building on the ties between Commonwealth and State services, which is the key issue that bedevils rural and regional health. This is a collaboration between hospital and community care, government and non-government providers, and Aboriginal-governed services.

The Precinct is the heart of a locally trained workforce. We are growing our own and training highly skilled professionals. We are resourceful and develop pathways for local people to train and grow careers, within our region. The Precinct will provide local employment for our region’s prosperity.

The Precinct is a place for research and ingenuity that will explore rural issues and develop rural solutions.

The Murrumbidgee Health and Knowledge Precinct is a game changer. It is bringing services together, training the health professionals we need and ensuring research is done by rural people, for rural people.  

Working Parties

Our Precinct in images

Map of our Health and Knowledge Precinct

Last updated: 08 August 2023