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Public Health Alert - Thunderstorm Asthma - 7 November 2023

7 November 2023

Director Public Health Unit, Alison Nikitas has issued a thunderstorm asthma alert for the Southern Riverina (Albury) region.

  • Current high pollen counts and the predicted thunderstorms can increase the risk of asthma. 
  • If you know you have asthma carry your asthma puffer with you at all times and try to stay indoors with the windows and doors closed during the storm period. 
  • Be aware that thunderstorm asthma can also affect people who have not had asthma before.
  • If you have breathing difficulties call 000 or go to your nearest hospital Emergency Department.

You can monitor thunderstorm activity in your region via the Bureau of Meteorology website

To receive an SMS alert when the pollen counts are high and thunderstorms are predicted, go to; to register, or text the word Asthma to 0417 115 876.

Last updated: 07 November 2023