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Sarah Thomas: MLHD Aged Care Lead Pharmacist

Sarah Thomas, is Murrumbidgee Local Health District’s Aged Care Lead Pharmacist based at Wagga Wagga Base Hospital (WWBH). 

Sarah is an experienced pharmacist who has worked across community and hospital pharmacy settings.

As MLHD’s Aged Care Lead Pharmacist, Sarah also assists MLHD  Aged Care Facilities to maintain medication management accreditation standards and support consistent and evidence-based medication management.

“My new role will see me oversee and support aged care residents within MLHD facilities to transition safely through the healthcare system including acute, residential, primary and community care, from a medication management perspective.

Over the past six years, Sarah has worked across a variety of clinical wards at WWBH and completed her master’s degree of Clinical Pharmacy, specialising in Geriatric Pharmacy Practice and Geriatric Disease Management, Palliative Care, Infectious Diseases and Management of Future Pharmacy Practice.

Sarah’s specialised knowledge and skillset helps ensure that patients medications are appropriate, leading the delivery of high-level healthcare into the future.

Passionate about advocating for older people with a clear career goal to further her specialisation in Aged and Palliative Care, Sarah is dedicated to improving patient health and wellbeing among older patients.

“Our older people are at a very vulnerable stage of their life so delivering safe, effective and timely geriatric medicine pharmacy services is imperative to their overall health management outcomes,” Sarah said.

Sarah has already been involved in a number of quality improvement initiatives within MLHD, in consultation with doctors and geriatricians, aimed at reducing multiple medications to lower falls risk in older patients as well as implementing medication reviews for residents within aged care facilities, with a focus of deprescribing opiates, benzodiazepines and anti-psychotics.

Sarah is also involved in the staff advisory committee for MLHD and developed a detailed business proposal for extending the existing pharmacy services for Wagga Wagga to align with the strategic vision of MLHD.

“I am excited to be bringing my study and experience to help deliver better patient outcomes for the people throughout the district.


Last updated: 23 May 2023