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Help With Your Application

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Our application process 

Applications for positions in our district are submitted through the NSW Health Career Portal.

If it's your first time using the portal you will need to set up a personal profile, which will include details about your qualifications and employment history. This information is used to auto-complete the relevant section of each application you prepare.

Each position you wish to apply for requires a separate application. 

Handy Hints

Your application

Once you have set up a profile you can then begin your application. The portal is where you can track your application progress once it has been submitted and if you are successful, complete your onboarding tasks as well.  

Review the job advertisement and position description carefully so that you are fully informed about the requirements of the position before you submit your application. If there are any aspects of the position that you are unclear about you should telephone the key contact person identified in the job advertisement.  

Additional sources of information that you may find useful include:

  • Speaking to people in similar positions 
  • Read publications from MLHD or NSW Health such as strategic plans, annual reports or the NSW Health Code of Conduct  
  • Visit the MLHD or NSW Health websites 
  • Visit the website of the agency where the position is located  
  • Stepping Up resource for Aboriginal applicants.  

When you are completing your application you will have the opportunity to upload a Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume. It must include the details of your current and recent employment. It should be in chronological order and include the name of the employer, information about the type of work you performed and the period of your employment.  

You will also need to submit responses to key selection criteria that describe how you meet each criterion. This is the most important aspect of your application so spend some time preparing your responses before you begin your application.  

Read through selection criteria carefully to make sure that you understand each one. If you are unsure, contact the Hiring Manager or Recruitment Unit specified in the job advertisement. Pay attention to the key terms and levels required in each criterion, and ensure that your response is appropriate to the level of skill. 

Make notes about examples of your experiences that demonstrate how you meet each criterion. It isn’t enough just to say that you can do it, you need to demonstrate your capabilities and experience using examples. The SAO approach is a helpful method to succinctly prepare each response: 

  • Situation – Where and when did you do it? 
  • Action – What did you do and how did you do it? 
  • Outcome – What was the result or impact of your actions? 

It helps to write your responses in a Word document first and then when you are happy with them you can copy and paste the response into the application section of the portal. Aim for no more than ¾ of a page. The application portal will restrict the length of responses.  

Your application requires contact details for two referees. One should be a current supervisor/manager. You should notify your referees that they may be contacted and if possible provide them with a copy of the position description.  

Double and triple check your application for spelling and grammatical errors, clarity, brevity and omissions before submitting, and make sure that it is submitted before the closing date. If you experience difficulties using the portal that prevent you from submitting before the deadline please contact the hiring manager or key contact for the position.

What happens next


If your application is selected to progress for interview the Hiring Manager or key contact will advise you of the interview date, time and location and who will be on the interview panel.  

You will be asked to log in to the career portal to provide further information.  You may need to have the following documentation at hand to complete this task: 

  • 100 points of identification 
  • Employee Working with Children Check 
  • Staff Health and Vaccination documents 
  • Contact details for two referees.

You may be required to participate in an activity such as a presentation, role play or other role-specific activity during the interview. You may receive information about this prior to the interview. 

MLHD is committed to creating an inclusive interview and work environment that supports all candidates. Please advise us if you need assistance or have adjustment requirements for your interview by informing the hiring manager or key contact.  

Pre-employment checks

All information that you provide to MLHD during the application process must be verified as complete and current. Typical pre-employment checks include but are not limited to: 

  • Reference checks 
  • Professional registration/licence 
  • Membership/eligibility for membership for relevant professional boards, colleges or associations 
  • Evidence of relevant professional boards, colleges or associations 
  • Evidence of relevant characteristics for identified or targeted positions 
  • Working with Children Check, National Police Check, Aged Care Check or NDIS Check as required by the role 
  • 100-point ID Check 
  • Citizenship/residency and working visa status 
  • Immunisation status 
  • Employment Health Assessment.

Offer of employment

The successful candidate will be contacted by the hiring manager to discuss the offer of employment. This discussion will include negotiation of the starting date and answering any questions you have.  

Following this conversation you will receive a formal offer of employment through the career portal. You will receive an email notifying you when it is ready.  

Last updated: 29 August 2022