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Meet our People

Kate Pargeter – Nurse Unit Manager Border Community Care 

Your career journey

Most of the 13 years of my career SO FAR has been spent within the mental health, in various roles including; RN Acute Adult Inpatient, Mental Health Educator and Project Manager.

Privileged in 2017 to be given the opportunity to work with MLHD Community Care team in the role of NUM Border Community Care, I have since been afforded the opportunity to act in the Clinical Operations Manager Role for a short period and participate in the re-alignment of community nursing services.  


What do you enjoy about your role?

I LOVE the variability of my role and the ability to be “out and about” on a daily basis in a role that traditionally is tied to a particular ward or office. To be involved and witness the alignment and engagement of staff to ensure the needs of communities are met is an honour!

I think my team of Community nurses are an incredibly passionate group with whom I am privileged to have the fortunate role to lead each day and their enthusiasm for their communities…. I can only aspire to be as passionate when I reach their levels of experience.

My Leadership team is visionary, collaborative and engaging. Each team member brings their own unique skills and personality to the role and each day they are leading with compassion, commitment and respect which allows for the growth of not only the profession of Community nursing and communities but each team member in the Community Care Stream.  

What would you say to health professionals considering a career at MLHD?

Becoming part of MLHD after “being raised” with another health service was a big and scary move to make.

Well….. I have not looked back. MLHD has given me opportunities for personal and professional growth which in 11 years I have not had. The opportunities for development of experience in a wide array of roles is unmatched and the support offered to clinical roles is incredible. To those considering a future or transition, do it and you will never look back!!!


Last updated: 10 August 2022