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Local Health Advisory Committee (LHAC)

There are 33 Local Health Advisory Committees (LHAC) across the Local Health District. Each LHAC is affiliated with their local Health Service. Their role includes:

  • Advocating for local community
  • Connecting with local communities about health priorities
  • Being a voice for planning and evaluation of services
  • Provide support to local health service
  • Promoting health literacy and wellbeing in their local communities

To become a member of your local LHAC you will need to complete an application form and have the required screening processes necessary for the particular activity or group you would like to participate in.

Apply NOW!

You can apply by completing the information in the LHAC Membership application

Interested in joining your Local Health Advisory Committee? The LHACs are guided by Terms of Reference and the accompanying Chair’s Handbook.

Last updated: 05 May 2020