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Hero Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Healthy Living is about making healthy choices regularly. We aim to make healthy choices easy choices through environments that support healthy living.

We run healthy eating and active living programs in schools and early childhood services to help lay good foundations and habits that last a lifetime. 

We work with communities to ensure low cost physical activity options are available for those aged over 50, or who have not been active for some time.

Good education and information is essential to enable you to make informed healthy choices. Whether that is healthy choices about what you eat, your physical activity patterns, smoking or taking care of your mental health.  

We welcome you to look further in to our topic areas such as Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for more information or contact us on for any further assistance.

Healthy Eating

Eating healthy food is vital to good health and well-being. We are passionate about helping our communities gain the knowledge and skills they need to live healthy lives, so we’re here to help.

Physical Activity

Physical activity can include lots of different ways of moving including formal exercise classes and organised sport but also playing games with friends and family, walking, gardening and housework.

Smoke and Vape Free Communities

Smoke and vape free environments are important for reducing harm to health. We create awareness of the importance of keeping our communities smoke and vape free.

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Last updated: 21 December 2022