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Munch and Move

We are working with Early Childhood Education and Care Services to deliver the innovative, fun, games based program, Munch & Move.

Munch & Move is based on six key messages:

  • Encourage and support breastfeeding
  • Choose water as a drink
  • Choose healthier snacks
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables
  • Get active every day
  • Turn off the TV and get active

There are lots of fantastic resources and training opportunities for educators, cooks and families. Explore our training and resources below.

For further information about Munch & Move visit the website or contact us. 


Resources for Educators

Change the policy, procedure or guideline at a time.

Develop or update your policy, procedure or guideline that focuses on breastfeeding, nutrition, physical activity and restricting small screen recreation in 2018. Register your interest in this challenge by emailing and we'll send a policy kit by email. Send your policies to us by 30 Jan 2019 and receive a voucher or professional development opportunity for your staff. 

Munch & Move

There are a range of beautiful Munch & Move resources available to assist educators working in Early Childhood Education and Care Services to implement the Munch & Move key messages.

Caring for Children

The updated edition of Caring for Children 0-5 years provides practical information for cooks, directors and educators to meet the food and nutrition needs of children aged from birth to five years, whilst in care.

Resources for Families

Kindy Orientation

Beginning school is an important time in a child's life. We have developed several resources to share the message about healthy eating for children, to help them concentrate better in class and get the most out of life.

Please contact us about our Kindy Orientation presentation and resources that we can offer your service. You can download the resources below

Last updated: 11 December 2018