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Hero - Smoking and Vaping

Smoke and Vape Free Communities

Smoking is a significant cause of death and disease in NSW and quitting smoking is the single most important thing you can do for your health. We aim to improve policy, support and environments that assist healthy living.

There has been an increase in vaping (or e-cigarette) use across our region and they pose serious health risks, especially to young people. It will be some time before we have clear evidence on the long-term harms of vaping. For information and support go to Do you know what you're vaping? 

Interested in quitting?

There are a range of options to those who want to quit smoking including:

  • Talk to a health professional - for example, your GP
  • ​Call NSW Quitline 13 7848, a free and confidential telephone service
  • Visit iCanQuit website for information and interactive tools to assist your quitting journey
  • Quit for new life for pregnant Aboriginal women.

World No Tobacco Day - 2023

World No Tobacco Day is held each year on May 31. 

One in three students, 16 - 24 years have tried e-cigarettes. Marketing strategies are tailored towards young people and there is a risk e-cigarettes are re-normalising smoking behaviour.

In Australia, e-cigarettes are not approved as a way to quit smoking.

This year, 2023, we're launching new resources for schools in collaboration with a Vape-Free Action Group. These include: 

To access resources available upon request email:

Know when you're being played 

We're excited to share our Know when you’re being played video.

The video is designed to highlight how young people are drawn into tobacco use through tobacco industry manipulation.



Last updated: 11 September 2023