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Cancer Services

MLHD Cancer Services provides a limited range of treatment and supportive care to patients with cancer and partners with other services to ensure patients receive the care they require during their cancer journey.

It is important to note that not all patients who require treatment for cancer are able to receive this close to home. For less common types of cancer, patients will be required to travel to receive the treatment they need - this is usually to Sydney or Canberra, however if you have family support located in a particular place, please ask your doctor if it is possible for a referral there.

Services range from prevention to disease management and supportive therapy and are arranged in different ways to meet the specific challenges and needs in each region. 

Supportive care:

  • alleviates symptoms and complications of cancer
  • reduces or prevents toxicities of treatment
  • supports communication with patients about their disease and prognosis
  • allows patients to tolerate and benefit from active therapy more easily
  • eases emotional burden of patients and care givers
  • helps cancer survivors with psychological and social problems
Last updated: 27 April 2021