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Care Coordination Service

This service assists with managing long term health conditions, providing information and support to you and your family 

For enquiries and to make an appointment call our Community Care Intake Service on  1800 654 324 during office hours.

How will our Care Coordination Service help you? 

Managing the complexity of long term health conditions can be really challenging. The Care Coordination service can help you coordinate the people and services working with you. 

We can assist you and your family to talk to the right people and help you make decisions regarding your care and how best to meet your health needs. 

The Care coordination service can assist with planning and providing support through:

  •  Communicating with you, your family, your doctor and medical  specialist and other services involved in your care
  •   Assessing your health and social needs 
  •   Developing a care plan with you to meet your health needs
  •   Assist you in understanding and managing your health conditions
  •   Supporting you to navigate the health and social service system to find the right care
  •   Using a health coaching approach to help you manage your health conditions
  •   Responding to changes in your needs
  •   Helping you to transition between types of care and services 
  •   Linking you with community resources to provide extra support in the home 

Please contact the Community Care Intake Service on 1800 654 324 to make an appointment with a local Care Coordinator.  HealthDirect

A Care Coordinator will work with you and your GP or doctor to help meet your health needs. The Care Coordination Service is available to communities across our health district. 

Service Locations

Service Contacts

MLHD Community Care Intake Service

Health Direct

Key Contact

Integrated Care Team Leader

Mid Battye

Last updated: 20 June 2018