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Immunisation and Vaccination Services

You can access immunisation advice and vaccine information by calling 1300 066 055.

Click here for more information on Japanese encephalitis

Why is immunisation important?

  • It gives you the best possible protection against some dangerous diseases
  • Immunisation not only protects you and your own family, but also others in your community
  • It assists with the reduction of disease

How will our services help you?

  • Accessing School Vaccination and Childhood Vaccination Records will provide you with the vaccination information you require
  • We can direct you to the latest information about vaccines and what’s important
  • We can give you information about free Immunisation Clinics

Information for Parents and communities

  • Current NSW Immunisation Schedule
  • Childhood Vaccinations
  • School Vaccinations
  • Travel Vaccinations

Information for Health Professionals

Services we can provide to Health Professionals

  • Authorised Nurse Immuniser Essential Kit
  • Cold Chain
  • Influenza
  • National Adverse Event Following Immunisation (AEFI) Reporting
  • Other Resources
  • School Vaccinations
Last updated: 09 March 2023