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Who Will Assist With Your Care

Nephrologist – Kidney Specialist (Doctor)

  • General Practitioners and Primary health providers are responsible for regular Kidney Health Check with their patients.
  • Appropriate referral to Nephrologist care is associated with preserving kidney function for as long as possible so that the individual avoids the need for renal replacement therapy. 
  • After the initial consultation, the Nephrologist will collaborate with specialist renal nurses and allied health staff to support individuals and their families in relation to their kidney disease.

Renal Supportive Care

  • Renal supportive care (RSC) enhances choice of medical care for patients and their families. It is not meant to provide a system of care that competes with dialysis or in any way denies lifesaving treatment.
  • This type of care is about improving the quality of life for many patients on dialysis and symptom management, as well as support patients that choose a conservative pathway or withdraw from treatment.

Chronic Kidney Disease Nurse

The Chronic Kidney Disease Nurse follow-up with individuals with kidney disease, especially those with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart (cardiovascular) disease. Referral to the nurse is from the treating Kidney Specialist (Nephrologist).


Renal Dietitians specialise in the nutritional treatment and diet for patients with kidney disease.

The Renal Dietitian assist with the management of common symptoms associated with kidney disease including:

  • Symptom management: nausea, vomiting, taste changes, poor appetite, early satiety.
  • Correcting abnormal blood results, in particular phosphate and potassium.
  • Assessing overall physical and nutritional status.
  • Manage medications, including phosphate binders and vitamins.
  • Manage blood pressure (and fluid).
  • Diabetes education and management.
  • Weight management (either, weight loss in preparation for transplant or maintaining /gaining weight in malnutrition).

Social Worker

Renal Social Worker assists renal patients throughout the course of their illness and treatment. The Social Worker will provide the follow to the patient and family:

  • Psychosocial assessment and case management to optimise patient quality of life;
  • Counselling around decision to initiate dialysis, conservatory supportive treatment or withdraw from dialysis
  • Management of patient, family and carer distress,
  • Access and referral to relevant social supports and patient advocacy,
  • Care planning with the multidisciplinary team;
  • Advice and assistance with advance care planning; and
  • Bereavement counselling. 
Last updated: 14 June 2018