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Lung (Respiratory) Health Service

Do you have a lung condition such as emphysema or asthma?  Our service provides assessments, education, support and programs that may assist you.

Call the Community Care Intake Service on 1800 654 324 to arrange an appointment.

We have a Lung (Pulmonary) Rehabilitation program that provides information on lung function by specialist nurses and health professionals.

You can take part in exercise sessions run by physiotherapists that can help you to manage daily movement and breathlessness.

If you are newly diagnosed with lung disease and still active in the workforce an Easy Breathing Better Living program is available. The program can help you achieve your personal goals and improve your quality of life.

How will our Lung Health Service help you?

Our service can assess your needs and provide specific information to help you manage your lung condition. Your nurse will liaise with your doctor and medical specialist to ensure your care is coordinated and meets your needs. Our staff can provide you with specific and practical information to help you manage your lung condition including:

  • Recognising and monitoring symptoms
  • Daily management
  • Managing your medications and equipment
  • Preventing and managing flair ups
  • Home Oxygen therapy

For information on your closest Lung (Respiratory) Health Service and Rehabilitation Program please contact the Community Care Intake Service on 1800 654 324.

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Last updated: 16 July 2021