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Mental Health Emergency Consultation Service

If you are, or someone you know is experiencing high levels of mental distress or feeling suicidal and think you or they may benefit from our service please go to your nearest Emergency Department as soon as possible.  The Emergency Department staff will then help you to access our Mental Health Emergency Consultation Service. If a life is in danger, please dial 000 straight away.

Mental Health Emergency Consultation Service - MHECS

The Mental Health Emergency Consultation Service – known as MHECS for short – is a 24 hour a day and 7 day a week service.  Our role is to provide specialist mental health support in all of the emergency departments across Murrumbidgee to people who are experiencing high levels of mental distress or who are experiencing feelings of suicide.   

Once the staff in the Emergency Department have spoken to you and agree that you need the MHECS service, one of our clinicians will speak to you to work out what the next steps are so that you can receive the best support and treatment.

How will our MHECS team help you?

 Mental Health Emergency Consultation Service will:

  • Carry out a comprehensive Mental Health Assessment to help us plan the next steps
  • Be sensitive to your current and past experiences, points of distress and cultural considerations to help keep you safe and supported
  • Help you to work towards the best mental health outcome for you
  • Consult where needed with psychiatrists, with community mental health teams, with other experts, and with any family members that you may want involved
  • Put together a “Discharge Plan” for when you leave the Emergency Department for follow up by the relevant service provider
  • Make referrals to the community mental health teams or the primary health network providers or GPs 
  • Refer you to hospital based services if needed

Service Locations

Last updated: 20 June 2018