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Nutrition and Dietetics

We can help you improve your food choices, nutrition, health and wellbeing.

Our advice is based on scientific evidence. Dietitians provide professional support to help coach and educate you and answer your questions relating to food, diet, weight and healthy living.

We can help with question such as:

  • Do you or a loved one have a food or health problem?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the different messages on healthy eating or eating to manage a health problem?
  • Have you lost or gained a lot of weight lately?
  • Do you want to feel healthier and stronger?
  • Are you looking for some practical ideas on what to feed your children or someone you are caring for?
  • Do you need some help to access special nutrition formula or NDIS planning?

How will our Nutrition and Dietitian Services help you?

Dietitians can work one on one to:

  • Explore you or your families’ food, nutrition and health goals
  • Provide information and coaching to help you work towards your goals
  • Recommend or refer you to other types of services that can help you achieve your goals e.g. the Get Healthy Coaching Service.

Our dietitians provide nutrition care to people in hospital and multipurpose residential care.

We may provide nutrition advice to groups or health programs.

Services are available for people with complex needs like tube feeding, kidney disease or for people having cancer treatment or diagnosed with an eating disorder.

We can work with you and other members of your health care team.

Call 1800 654 324 to make an appointment with one of our friendly and caring dietitians.


Make Healthy Normal   - this is a NSW Health free service that can assist with a Get Healthy coaching service and a range of programs that support health and wellbeing.

Eat For Health Australia   -   for resources and information about Australian Dietary Guidelines

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Last updated: 27 April 2021