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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists (OT’s) will:

  • Provide professional help to people of all ages to complete everyday activities with increased ease, independence and safety
  • Work with people who have physical, mental, developmental, social or emotional challenges and disabilities
  • Work closely with you &/or your significant others to help reach goals to assist you in many areas including helping you to stay in your home or leave hospital as soon as possible
  • Help with assessments & assistance with work, play & school skills
  • Assess daily activities & develop a plan to make these tasks easier & complete necessary interventions

Please call 1800 654 324 to book an appointment with an OT or for information on how to get in touch with your local OT.

How will our Occupational Therapy Services help you?

Occupational Therapists can help you to get back to everyday activities after injury or illness or assist you in completing desired tasks. Our services include:

  • Prescribing equipment aids & therapy tools to help you with everyday tasks such as mobilise in a wheelchair, shower & get dressed
  • Home environmental modifications such as ramps and rails
  • Aids and re-training to assist with getting in and out/on or off chairs, bed, toilets and shower
  • Providing strategies to enhance memory and assist with scheduling your day
  • Providing education to help reduce fatigue
  • Improving fine motor skills to assist with many areas such as eating & writing
  • Education about injury and illness prevention such as decreasing falls risk
  • Upper limb rehabilitation
  • Providing linkage to other services to complement occupational therapy

Occupational therapists provide care to people in hospital, multipurpose residential care & in a person’s home. They may provide education to groups or individually. Services are available for people with complex needs such as those with significant disability reliant on a wheelchair for mobility through to people living independently in the community who are at risk of being admitted to hospital.  

Please call 1800 654 324 to book an appointment with an OT or for information on how to get in touch with your local OT.

Further general occupational therapy information can be located on the OT Australia or OT Australia NSW websites listed below:

Occupational Therapy Australia

Occupational Therapy Divisions NSW

Service Locations

Service Contact

Telehealth – Video Call
Last updated: 04 July 2018