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Patient Flow Unit (PFU)

You can contact the Patient Flow Unit on 1800 904 355, Option 3 between 7am to 11pm seven days a week.

The MLHD Patient Flow Unit oversees a number of different services and is staffed with nurse coordinators who have the knowledge and tools to minimise delays in moving patients through the healthcare system.

Hospitals and doctors contact the PFU for support in managing the safe and efficient transfer of patients across the MLHD and beyond. This enables patient care to be maximised while also allocating resources effectively.

How will the Patient Flow Unit help you?

The PFU can help you by:

  • Coordinating the movement of patients from one public hospital to another in a timely manner
  • Speaking with patient flow coordinators located in other local health districts
  • Managing bed capacity and ensuring beds are available at the receiving hospital
  • Arranging NSW Ambulance transfers of patients not suitable to be transported by Patient Transport Services
  • Booking aeromedical transport to major hospitals state wide and interstate

Specific Programs/Services available

PFU is suitable for patients who require greater care than their local hospital can provide. This may include:

  • Maternity services
  • Urgent care such as treatment for heart problems
  • Urgent surgical procedures (operations)
  • Paediatric (children) care
Last updated: 20 June 2018