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Remote Medical Consultation Service

The Remote Medical Consultation Service (RMCS) provides medical advice over the phone to ensure patients receive the treatment they need when they need it. The RMCS support clinicians in outlying hospitals by prescribing medical treatments, providing first aid advice and identifying when further care is required.

How will the Remote Medical Consultation Serviced help you?

Sometimes hospitals in outlying areas on Medical COSOP (Critical Operations Standard Operating Procedures) meaning they are not staffed by doctors all the time.

In such instances the RMCS allows:

  • Clinicians to seek advice on appropriate treatment options
  • Clinician staff to have patients assessed via phone or video link
  • Clinicians to avoid admitting or transporting patients long distances unnecessarily

How to connect or apply for this service?

You can contact the Remote Medical Consultation Service on 1800 904 355, Option 3 between 7am to 11pm seven days a week.

Last updated: 09 July 2018