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Visiting Family/Friends in Hospital?

Visitor access during COVID-19

Updated 26 October 2022

NSW Health continues to focus on providing a safe health service for patients, their families and carers, and staff, while providing kind and compassionate care.

Visitors to NSW Health hospitals, community health centres, and outreach clinics are welcome and are required to wear a mask before entering and while inside a healthcare facility. Children aged 12 and under are not required to wear masks.

Masks and hand sanitiser will be freely available at all healthcare settings.

If the person you are wishing to visit is currently COVID-19 positive, your request will need to be clinically assessed and some restrictions may apply.

If you have cold or flu-like symptoms such as a cough, fever, sore throat or runny nose please stay at home and don’t visit a healthcare setting for at least seven days, and then ensure you have a negative RAT before visiting.

As an added precaution to protect patients and staff from infection, if you think you may be a high risk for having acquired COVID-19, please avoid visiting friends and family in hospital for seven days after your exposure risk.

Some hospitals may implement short-term restrictions in response to a local COVID-19 outbreak to minimise the risk of transmission and ensure the safety of patients and staff.

This may include limiting the number of visitors at the bedside at any given time and increasing the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). However, in such instances hospitals must apply as far as practicable, care and compassion.

In the event of a local outbreak, exemptions to any restrictions will be permitted on compassionate grounds and on a case-by-case basis especially in maternity, neonatal and paediatric services and in end of life care.

For a list of facilities of MLHD facilities go to:

Hospital Visiting Hours

We recognise that family and friends are really important to helping patients feel better and recover faster.  

We want you to visit when you can but it’s important to be sensitive to all patients. In special circumstances visiting hours may be flexible and we suggest you contact the Nurse Unit Manager or Nurse-in-charge on the ward prior your visit if you have special circumstances. Contact information for each facility can be found on the 'Our Facilities' page.

 “After Hours” access can be arranged if required.

Visitors who are unwell or have flu like symptoms are asked to please not visit the hospital.

Hospital Etiquette    

Being aware and considerate really helps us to keep our hospitals and facilities safe. This includes understanding when you should and shouldn’t visit.

We ask that you always follow the basic rules of hand hygiene and if you’re not well, don’t visit until you are feeling better.

Often our natural defences are weakened when we are not well, or after an operation. It is important to take this into consideration if you are a patient of a facility, or visiting a patient of a facility.

You should always adhere to the directions of the facility and the health care workers.

It is important we all work together to protect loved ones, health care workers and everyone within our facilities.

Last updated: 26 October 2022