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Multi Storey Car Park - Artist Impression

Multi Storey Car Park Project

The $30 million multi storey car park project at Wagga Wagga Base Hospital involves the planning, design and delivery of a 6-level car park as well as parking at two different areas on the health campus.

At the completion of the $431 million Wagga Wagga Health Service Redevelopment and the multi storey car park project, there will be over 900 car parking spaces on the health campus - more than double parking spaces on the campus in mid-2020.

The NSW Government announced $30 million for the multi storey car park in 2018. 

Project Gallery

Aerial view of Wagga Wagga Health Service campus in October 2020

Artist impression of multi storey car park from Lewis Drive in November 2020

Last updated: 07 March 2021